Are you satisfied with the Purity level of your drinking water?

We all stress on the essence of clean and pure drinking water. However, how many of us talk about the necessity of Safe and Healthy drinking water. Many of us may say that clean, pure or safe, healthy drinking water is one and the same thing. Well, it actually is not. What is Safe Drinking water? The water that comes from your MCD Tap or any other source, i.e. ground water, etc. may appear to you clean and pure, however, it [...]


Stay Healthy By Drinking Purified and Safe Drinking Water

Living a health life in the rural and urban areas has become a challenge in view of increasing level of air and water pollution. Though steps are being taken by the government to control the air pollution, however, as far as water pollution is concerned, a lot depend on us to take utmost care about the water we drink on daily basis. The supply water or ground water is not pure enough to drink in India. Hence, need of a [...]

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